Press Release

New One Georgia Ad Highlights Brian Kemp’s Disastrous Track Record Taking Georgia Backwards

ATLANTA – Today, One Georgia launched a new ad focusing on Brian Kemp’s reckless, dangerous agenda that has taken Georgians backwards over his years in office. The ad highlights Kemp’s “criminal carry” gun legislation, his attacks on reproductive rights, and his tax cuts for himself and his ultra-wealthy friends.

“Brian Kemp’s backwards agenda includes making it easier for criminals to carry loaded, hidden guns in public, supporting a full ban on abortion with a 10-year prison sentence, and handing a big tax giveaway to himself and his wealthy backers,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for One Georgia. “Georgians deserve a governor who will move us forward – not a man stuck in the past.”

Kemp has bragged about signing the strictest rollback on reproductive rights in the country, HB481, a forced pregnancy bill that banned abortion after six weeks, before most women know they’re pregnant. Were it not for Stacey Abrams’ efforts to save film industry jobs, Kemp would likely have driven them out of the state because studios want to film in states that support their employees. The bill was blocked under Roe v. Wade; however, the Supreme Court is poised to overturn that groundbreaking case, paving the way for a total or near total ban on all abortions, the same restrictions contained in “trigger law” legislation, which Kemp told the AJC he supports.

The ad, “Taking Us Back,” can be viewed here. A transcript follows:

For years, Brian Kemp has taken Georgia backwards.

He put us backwards on guns, said law enforcement, and made it easy for criminals to carry guns in public.

He rolled back women’s rights, vowing to make abortion a crime with 10 years in prison

And while Georgians struggle, Kemp gave massive old-school tax cuts to himself and his ultra-wealthy friends.

Just when we need to move forward, Brian Kemp keeps taking us back.