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New Radio Ad: Kemp’s Big Campaign Cash from Assault Weapon Manufacturers and Gun Lobby Preceded Criminal Carry Bill

One Georgia Highlights Kemp’s $50,000 in Campaign Contributions from the Manufacturer of AR-15 Used in Uvalde, Texas Shooting

ATLANTA – Today, One Georgia launched a new statewide radio ad focusing on Brian Kemp’s dangerous gun bill that makes it easier for criminals to carry hidden, loaded handguns in public. The former deputy sheriff narrating the ad also reveals that Kemp signed his criminal carry gun bill after he raked in big campaign contributions from the gun lobby and the very manufacturer of the AR-15 used in the murder of 19 school children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

“Brian Kemp’s dangerous agenda on guns was designed solely to help his re-election campaign, not to help keep Georgians safe. The Kemp criminal carry gun bill represents the interests of his wealthy gun industry backers, not the public interest of all Georgians to keep our communities safe from gun violence,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for One Georgia. “With gun violence on the rise, Brian Kemp is bragging about signing legislation that makes it easier for criminals to carry hidden, loaded guns in public. Kemp chose to make Georgia less safe in order to serve himself, and in doing so, he ignored current and former law enforcement and clear, bipartisan opposition from Georgians.”

Kemp drew widespread condemnation after he pointed a gun at a boy on television to score cheap and dangerous political points – and his record on gun safety has become even more reckless since. Guns have become the number one cause of death for Georgia children, yet Kemp continues touting his disastrous gun policies that put our kids at risk. 

70% of Georgians oppose his dangerous “criminal carry” legislation, which law enforcement and mayors also oppose. Now, even members of Kemp’s own party are breaking with him on gun safety – including his Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan – as Kemp passes legislation that will cost Georgia lives.

The ad, “Dangerous,” can be heard here. A transcript follows:

My name is Dennis, and as a former deputy sheriff, I’ve responded to every kind of gun crime you can think of.

Crime’s on the rise here in Georgia. But Brian Kemp pandered just to win an election.

His new gun law makes it easier for criminals to carry loaded weapons in public. 

At the movies, in church. No permit. No background check. Why would you want to make it easier for domestic abusers and violent criminals to carry loaded guns? 

Mr. Kemp, I call that criminal carry. And here’s the truth: more Georgians will die because of it. 

That’s why current and former law enforcement like me are speaking out.

Kemp passed this bill after taking $50,000 from the maker of the AR-15 that killed 19 children in Texas.

Georgia lives are on the line. If we want to keep our kids and families safe, the only thing we can do is vote Brian Kemp out of office.